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rek-6KnTK-R / rek-6КнТК-Р Outdoor Termination Kit and rek-6KvTK-R / rek-6КвТК-Р Indoor Termination Kit

for three-core rubber cables rated to 6 kV


Heat-shrinkable termination kits with polyurethane compound for rubber cables 6/10 kV.

Kit contens:

  1. Copper compression lug
  2. Special tapes
  3. Heat-shrinkable tubes and skirts
  4. Heat-shrinkable tubes
  5. Instruction manual

Construction Details

Cable cores are covered with tracking-resistant heat-shrinkable tubes. Electrical force stress around semiconductive layer cut is regulated by special tape with high dielectric constant. Cable crutch is sealed with polyurethane compound. Heat-shrinkable skirts environmental conditions and leakage current resistant are shrunk onto insulated cores. Space between cable lugs and core insulation is encapsulated with heat-shrinkable tubes with hot-melt adhesive.


Cable crutch shall be filled with compound when cable is in vertical position. Heat-shrinkable tubes are shrunk by gas-jet or electroheater. No need to use special tools.


Order text for a kit with cable lug should contain one cross-section and "tm".
Order example:


  • rek-6KnTK-R termination kits are assigned for outdoor termination of rubber insulated cables rated to 6 kV;
  • rek-6KvTK-R termination kits are assigned for indoor termination of rubber insulated cables rated to 6 kV which are used in temperature range from -50 C to +50 C, 80% humidity.


The kits without cable lugs are available on customer's request. Standard termination length is 800 mm which can be increased to 1200 mm under customer's request. Example for a kit with termination length 1200 mm: Rek-6КнТК-3х16/25+1х10-Р/1200-тм.

Suitable for

KGe, KGen and others

Support request

Support request