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ШСО-2 Drying Cabinet

ШСО-2 cabinet is designed for wet clothes and footwear drying. Such kind of cabinet is useful at oilrig and construction sites. ШСО-2 cabinet is designed for keeping clothes and uniforms and footwear drying.

The cabinet has a metal all-welded body made from sheet metal with polymeric coating. Constructively the cabinet has 2 compartments which are separately locked by means of built-in locks. One compartment is used for clean clothes and another one, supplied with heating, is used for uniforms. At the top of the cabinet (its roof) there are two 100 mm ventilation tubes with flaps. Inside each cabinet compartment there is a horizontal bar for clothes hanging, latticed shelves for footwear and headdresses. There is a hole at the bottom of the cabinet for condensate draining. The cabinet is designed per a worker. It should be installed indoors.

ШСО-2 technical data

Overall dimension - 2030х1200х600mm.

Power voltage - 20-230V.

Heating elements maximum capacity - 1,0 кW.

Maximum consumption current – not greater than 5А.

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Support request