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ШЗ ODU-M2 ISKRATEL Protective Cabinet Description

Cabinet design

Equipment protection from unauthorized access and vandalism Equipment protection from bad climatic conditions (temperature drops, precipitation, dust).

General technical requirements

Demountable structure;

Protective cabinet maximum overall dimensions – 2230х2000х1230 mm;

Operating temperature, °С - 45…+50;

Constructive peculiarities

The cabinet is a welded metal body made of 2mm sheet steel, with 2 doors, located on the front side and on the right one. The cabinet construction is suitable for its mounting on ODU-M2 ISKRATEL cabinet type bases or their analogues.

The cabinet is coated with polymeric, polyether shagreen paint of RAL 7032 color.

The cabinet’s doors are fixed by means of rod bolts and are locked by means of inner locks. The doors’ locks are protected from unauthorized access and are of the same series. One lock is located on the central door, protecting active equipment compartment and CROSS, another one protects compartment with energetics. The locks have different secret codes. In the open position the cabinet’s doors are fixed from spontaneous travelling. Hinges (door pin joining doors with the cabinet) are of inner design. Electric light lamps with switches are located inside the cabinet above 2 front doors. A rear side lid has joints in order to be opened for fans replacement or cleaning.

Ventilating antispray slots are located along roof perimeter.

A visor is of special design with gutters.

Light reflecting film is pasted in the cabinet corners. The cabinet carcass and walls are produced from different modules and are provided with heat insulation material made of 32 mm foamed rubber. If a protective cabinet is damaged, it is possible to replace damaged modules easily. The cabinet construction provides absence of condensate formation inside it during seasonal and daily temperature drops.

Inner equipment

The cabinet roof is provided with 6 ventilating blocks with 120-140 mm diameters (220V power supply) to be ventilated. Ventilating influx-and-extract system is equipped with special “winter-summer” filters. Electrical control board is equipped with АВДТ32 differential current automatic switch to protect from electric hazards and short circuit. It also has ВА 47-29 М IP6A automatic switch (“winter/summer” functions for cabinet fans) and a connector to connect 220V power supply equipment).

All metallic parts of the shelter which may be touched are earthed.

Cabinet term of warranty is 18 months from commissioning date provided that tentative storage does not exceed 12 months. Cabinet service life period is not less than 15 years.

Support request

Support request