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PNSV 1,2 / ПНСВ 1,2 – heating wires

Technical characteristics of PNSV wires

  • heating wire made according to Company Standard СТ ТОО 41021646-23-2007;
  • working temperature from -40°С to +50°С;
  • maximum working temperature PNSV wire is 80°С;
  • resistivity of electrical core to direct current at 1 meter core length and +20°C is: no more than 0,15 Ohm;
  • resistivity of insulation to direct current at 1 kilometer length and +20°C– no less than 10 MOhm;
  • Nominal power at +20°C – 20W/m;
  • Lifetime of wire is no less than 16 years.

Structure of PNSV wire:

  • Conducting core made of steel 1,2 mm wire according to State Standard GOST 3282;
  • Conducting core insulated by PVC elastron according to State Standard GOST 5960-72.

Application of PNSV wire:

Heating PNSV 1,2 wire according to Comapny Standard СТ ТОО 41021646-23-2007, are made for heating of fixed objects assembling in oil and gas industry, building equipment, cast-in-place and reinforced concrete, as well as for floor heaters at alternating current up to 380V and nominal frequency 50 Hz and direct current to 1000 V.

Order arrange table

Grade of wire

Outside wire diameter, no more than, mm

Nominal weight of 1 km of wire, kg

Factory length, no less than, m

PNSV 1,2




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