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TML-B Submersible electric motors cable


Power cable with plastic insulation in thermoplastic elastomer sheath, is designed for submersible electric motors connection to electric network with nominal voltage of 660V,50 Hz frequency or with direct voltage of up to 1000 V.

Cable structure:

1. Copper wire conductor (5th grade of flexibility according to GOST 22483-77);

2. PVC plastic insulation;

3. Sheath - blue color thermoplastic elastomer (if customized, any color is possible).

Cable may be produced both flat and round (with R index in designation). 

Table 1 – Cable technical specifications:

Characteristics/parameters name Value
Cable pair number
4х1,5 4х2,5 4х4 4х4 R 4х6 4х6 R 4х10
Minimum bending radius, mm 110 120 180 310 200 330 230
Overall dimensions, mm
5,5х14,7 5,9х16,2 9,0х24,8 15,6 9,8х27,0 16,7 11,4х30,6
Weight, kg/km
168 218 414 370 544 468 753
Conductors insulation color (if customized, any color is possible) Brown, black, grey, green-yellow 
Operation temperature, °С
from-40 up to +60°С
Operation temperature in water, °С
up to +40°С
Storage and transportation temperature, °С
from-40 up to +60°С
Assembly temperature, °С
from-10 up to 50 °С

Table 2 – Cable electrical characteristics

Characteristics/parameters name Current frequency Value
Conductors resistance, calculated per 1 km of length and 20 °С, not greater, Ohm/km:
- for 1,5 mm² cross-section
- for 2,5 mm² cross-section
- for 4 mm² cross-section
- for 6 mm² cross-section
- for 10 mm² cross-section
Direct current (DC)
Electrical resistance of conductors insulation, calculated per 1000 m and at 20 °С,MOhm, not less: Direct current (DC) 9
Testing voltage during 10 min., conductor-conductor/conductor-shield, V 50 Hz 3000
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