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СРО-02 Optical Distribution Frame


СРО-02 outdoor optical distribution frame is designed for FTTH network development in cottage and private sector without outputting to aerial communication lines. (Picture1).


СРО-02 provides connection of up to 16 subscribers.
CPO-02 frame consists of two compartments:

1. Optical cable input and fixing compartment.
2. Optical fiber switching and splitter installation compartment.

The lower compartment provides convenient input optical cables laying out and fixing.
The upper compartment provides pigtails and cables connection, different design splitters installation.

The frame is manufactured in category U 1 climatic version in accordance with State Standard 15150 and may be operated in the open air with temperature range from -45˚ С up to +40˚ С. The frame’s locks protect it from an unauthorized access.

It is possible to input up to 18 cables into the frame (2 cables for distribution net and 16 cables for subscribers’ connection). Each cable is additionally fixed by means of PG glands, providing IP56 sealing. (Picture 2).

The frame is set into concrete base and 6 anchor bolts are included into the set for that very purpose.

Constructive features

An organizer for 900 µm splitter and pigtail surplus laying out is produced in new version design.
Protection sleeves location plates (input main cable splicing) are replaced with more ergonomic and functional ones.
Location plates for two 1/8 or one 1/16 splitters installation are replaced by cable slips fixings.
A grounding stud is placed on the inner side of the frame; cable input is replaced for convenient assembling.
Fixings of optical cable central strength element were changed structurally; their number was increased to 4 units with possibility to fix up to 6 central strength elements in one fixing.

Technical specifications

SC connectors maximum number – 18 (16 for subscribers’ connection and 2 for splitters input connection).
Possibility of optical splitters installation:
1 variant SPL 1/16 – 1 unit
2 variant SPL 1/8 – 2units

Protection sleeves installation place – 18 when preterminated users’ cable is used or when FAST connectors are used. According to Picture 3, it is possible to install an additional cassette for 24 fibers if users’ cable welding is necessary.
Frame overall dimensions – 1750х272х160,5 mm.
Weight – 26 kg
Input total number – 18.

СРО-02 Frame codifier

СРО-02-XPC-A-B-C/D Frame

Defined as:
X – connectors’ polish type (APC, UPC);
A – SC connectors number;
B – pigtails number (sleeves number corresponds to pigtails number);
С/D – splitters division/splitters number.


Example of reference signs for СРО-02 frame with all connectors packing arrangements, with /a//p/c polish, 18 SC connector, 2 SC/APC pigtails, 2 protection sleeves and 2 1/8 splitters:


СРО-02-APC-18-2-2-8/2 Frame

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