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ШРОу-06М Outdoor Optical Distribution Cabinet


ШРОу-06М cabinet is designed for outdoor utilization and provides FTTX technology optics distribution.


ШРОу-06М cabinet provides assembling of up to 3 shelves with 144 fibers each into 19II track. 1/32 optical PLC splitters can be assembled in the shelves. There is a possibility of optical patchcords storage and reserves laying in the cabinet.

Technical characteristics

Cabinet total capacity is 432 optical fibers.
Cabinet overall dimensions (HхWхD) – 1470х840х440 mm, 20U.
RP14402Optical shelves number – 3.
Cable entries number: 12 (3 for 13-16 mm diameter cable, 9 for 10-12 mm diameter cable).
Splitters number per shelf – up to 6 with 1/16, 1,32 divisions, up to12 with 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 divisions.
Color – RAL7032 beige.
Paint type – polymeric coating, RAL 7032 РЕ, shagreen, rough structure, and glossy.
Cabinet is protected from unauthorized access. Protection class according to State Standards 14254-96.
Metal thickness is 2 mm.
Operating temperature: from 600С to -400С. Climatic design is of У 1 category according to State Standards 15150-69.

Constructive peculiarities

2 sides access, left side of the cabinet provides main and distribution network optical ports inter switching by means of optical patchcords. Back side is used for optical cables entry and fibers welding in optical shelves.

The cabinet consists of 3 parts: a base (can be delivered separately from cabinet construction. Very often a customer gets a base, assembles it and then gets a cabinet), a header and a cabinet.


Inner design

There is 19II track in the center of the cabinet with installation capacity for up to 3 RP-14402 4 U shelves with 144 fibers each. Any type of shelf can be assembled into19II track, but it is recommended to use RP-14402 4 U shelves for convenient performance and welding works. To the right of the track there are reels for optical patchcords reserve laying. There are plastic jumpering rings for general patchcord bundle laying. 2 meter length patchcords are recommended for inner switching. When customized, the cabinet bottom can be completed with additional panel with reels for optical patchcords reserve laying.

Incoming/main cables entries (up to 144 fibers) and outgoing/ distribution cables (from 4 to 32 fibers) exits are placed at the back side of the cabinet. At the cabinet bottom there are 12 cable entries for corresponding cable number. 3 of these entries are used for main 13-16 mm diameter cable, 9 entries are used for 10-12mm diameter distribution cable. Each entry is provided with individual PG cable gland and special device for strength element fixing. Optical cable is splittered into optical modules at the entry. Modules are placed into streamer airspeed tubes (up to 6 modules per one tube) and by means of jumpering rings reach optical shelves. At the bottom there is a earthing bus for cables, requiring armoured earthing.

All inner surface of the cabinet is covered with heat insulation material (foamed rubber).



Double- winged doors with Inner design door hinges

Each door is provided with consecutively unlock lock to prevent unauthorized access. The first lock is unlocked by means of special key. It is impossible to unlock the second lock without unlocking the first one. Magnetic contact sensors are placed on the door, activating at door opening. There is a special door pocket for documentation on the front door.



The cabinet is placed on the base which is delivered together with 4 anchor bolts to be grouted.

On the base at the front and back there are buses with 2 earthing bolts, which are covered by means of a plank with blinds type holes for earthing bolts access protection and for airing.


RP14402 shelf

RP14402 optical shelf is a 4U modular constructive with possibility to be installed into 19II track Shelf capacity is 144 optical ports. 6 or 12 modules are assembled into the shelf. Each module provides 24 or 12 optical connectors according to customer’s requirements: SC/LC/FC.

If customized, it is possible to assemble optical splitters with divisions from 1/2 to up to 1/32 into the RP-14402 optical shelf. Splitters can be both compact with terminated fibers in 900 µm buffer tube and in protecting box design with terminated fibers in patchcord tube with 3 mm diameter Kevlar threads. Optionally splitters can be in box design with outlets in 2-3mm diameter patchcord jacket. In this case the splitters number in box design, splitters division, and outlets length should be customized. The shelf is covered with a removable panel.

Ordering information



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ШРО outdoor optical distribution cabinet, 06М model with SC/APC optical connectors, 382 ports, with 2 optical shelves for 144 ports and 1 shelf for 94 ports, completed with SC/APC single-mode patchcords (191 units, 2 meter length each), with 6 1/16 splitters.

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