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ШРО-03М Optical Distribution Cabinet


ШРО-03М cabinet is designed for indoor utilization and is used for optics distribution at telecommunication centers of major services providers.

Besides, ШРО-03М cabinet can be effectively used for high rise buildings with special telecommunication equipment premises and also at the sites without permanent staff, where high dust protection is required comparing with open crosses and perforated door cabinets.


ШРО-03М provides possibility of assembling up to 8 shelves with 144 fibers each on 19II subrack.

It is possible to place splitters with 1/2 to 1/32 divisions. It is recommended to use 1/8 division for 1 splitting cascade at the station. There is a universal plank with possibility for installation of up to 20 splitters of any capacity. There is also a place for SC connector for splitters entries connection (up to 20).

Maximum number of splitters to be installed into the shelf is 20 units (1/2 or 1/4); 1/8 – 16 units, 1/16 – 8 units, 1/32 – 4 units. Optical patchcords reserve can be laid out in the cabinet.

ШРО-03М modification differs from ШРО-03 one in patchcord organizer. “M” modification organizer excludes the possibility of patchcords intersecting. 5 meter length is a must length of patchcords, used in this modification cabinet.

Optical cables and patchcords entry can be made by means of cable-growth at the top and raised floor at the bottom.

Technical characteristics

Total cabinet capacity is 1152 optical ports.
Cabinet dimensions (HхWхD) – 1995х800х400 mm, 42 U.
RP14402 shelves number – 8.
Color – black (if customized, it can be light - RAL7035).
Paint type – polymeric coating, RAL 9005 РЕ, moiré, mat.
Number of entering cables – up to 21 both from the top and bottom.
The front door id made of glass; back doors are double-winged, solid, without perforation.
Operating temperature – from 400С to -100С.
Climatic design is of У3 category according to State Standards ГОСТ 15150-69.

Structural peculiarities

There is 19II track in the center of the cabinet. To the right of the track there are reels for optical patchcords reserve laying. There are metal brackets for general patchcord bundle laying.

When customized, the cabinet can be completed with additional panel with reels for optical patchcords reserve laying.

The front side serves only for optical patchcords distribution. It is recommended to use 5 meter length patchcords switching from one shelf to another inside the track.

Left back side of the cabinet is used for optical cables entry; there is a convenient access to optical shelves with splice cassettes.

Optical cables and patchcords entry is provided both from the top and bottom. Entries are provided with special means, which allow cable or tube fixing and optical patchcords or modules distribution in protecting tubes (streamer airspeed tube – up to 6 modules per a tube). Removable panels protect cable and patchcord entries from dust penetration. In case of need the panel is removed and is replaced by special device for cable fixation and patchcords distribution.

For unification it is recommended to use noncombustible cable with up to 144 fibers with one module capacity of 12 fibers.

The cabinet sides are removable to provide further optical crosses capacity increase. When additional cabinets are installed, the cabinet sides are removed and allow optical ports switching between cabinets.


RP14402 shelf

RP14402 optical shelf is a 4U modular constructive with possibility to be installed into 19II track Shelf capacity is 144 optical ports. 6 or 12 modules are assembled into the shelf. Each module provides 24 or 12 optical connectors according to customer’s requirements: SC/LC/FC.

If customized, it is possible to assemble optical splitters with divisions from 1/2 to up to 1/32 into the RP-14402 optical shelf. Splitters can be compact with terminated fibers in 900 µm buffer tube. Optionally splitters can be in box design with outlets in 2-3mm diameter patchcord jacket. In this case the splitters number in box design, splitters division, and outlets length should be customized. The shelf is covered with a removable panel.

Ordering information

Distribution cabinet configuration is specified according to the following reference signs:

Reference signs example:




ШРО optical distribution cabinet, 03М model with SC/APC optical connectors, 958 ports, with 6 optical shelves for 144 ports and 1 shelf for 94 ports, completed with SC/APC single-mode patchcords (456 units, 5 meter length each), with 14 1/32 splitters.

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