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Access cabinet for optics distribution – ShRPO-13 (ORK-48, ORKs-48)

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ШРПО-13 cabinet is designed for utilization on the floors in high rising building and serves for optics distribution, using GPON technology.


Cabinet is protected from unauthorized access; it has one door and is wall-mounted.
Total cabinet capacity is up to 54 SC optical connectors (6 are used for splitters entries connection).
Welding number is up to 72.
It is possible to assemble PLC optical splitters with divisions from 1/4 to 1/32 both in compact and box designs.
There are 10 entries in the cabinet (2 both at the left top and bottom and 1 entry at the right top and bottom) for up to 32 mm diameter tube for incoming distributing and subscribers’ cables.

Technical characteristics

Cabinet overall dimensions (HхWхD) – 390х395х124 mm.
Cabinet is protected from unauthorized access. IP 54 protection class according to State Standards 14254-96.
Paint type – polymeric coating, RAL 7035 РЕ, shagreen, rough structure, and glossy.
Metal thickness is 1, 2 mm.
Cable entries number: 24 (6 for 13-16 mm diameter cable, 18 for 10-12 mm diameter cable).
Splitters number per shelf – up to 6 with 1/16, 1,32 divisions, up to12 with 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 divisions. Color – RAL7032 beige.
Maximum number of SC connectors– 54.
Maximum number of welding – 72.
Cable entries number – 10.
Maximum number of incoming cables with ОКЛ type ribbon armour– 12 ( 3 cables per one entry). Splitters maximum number:
a) 6 units-1/8;
b) 3 units-1/16;
c) 1 unit-1/32 and 1 unit-1/16.
Maximum number of ОК-24 cassettes for 24 fibers– 3 units.
Weight - 6,6 кg.
Operating temperature: from 400С to -100С. Climatic design is of У 3 category according to State Standards 15150-69.

Constructive peculiarities

Cabinet is divided into 3 parts for convenience: cabinet’s back wall, inner part of folded panel and front part of folded panel.

On the back wall there are holders for strength elements (up to 10 strength elements), special place for optical modules laying and cassettes for welding.

There is a bus for armour jacket optical cable earthing at the bottom. On inner side of the folded panel there is tray for PLC splitters and special place for splitters incoming and outgoing reserves laying. On the front panel there are simplex SC connectors. There are 2 rows of connectors there, 26 connectors in a row. The rows are separated. Pigtails or splitters exits are connected from inner side; subscribers’ patchcords and splitters entries are connected from outer side.

All connectors in the cabinet are numbered as splitter connectors (entry connection) are connectors with the following numbers 1, 26, 27, 28, 29, 54, and subscribers’ connectors are numbered from 2 to 25, from 30 to 53.

Folded panel is fixed in the center by means of captive screw.

There are 10 entries in the cabinet (4 entries – 2 at the top and at the bottom on the left and 1 at the top and at the bottom on the right for standard solutions when tubes are vertical; 4 entries - 2 on the right and 2 on the left if it is necessary to enter the cable from one side). Т-shaped (turning according to cable entry) cable fixing elements are placed by each cable entry and provide fixation of up to 3 cables by means of metal clips.

Cabinet has a single door with 2 locks.

Ordering information

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ШРПО optical distribution building entrance cabinet, model 013 with SC/APC optical connectors, 48 ports with single-mode SC/APC 48 pigtails for subscribers and 3 ports with optical single-mode 3 SC/APC pigtails for splitters entries connection, 2 cassettes for optical fibers welding, with 51 protecting sleeves, 2 splitters with 1/16 division and 1 splitter with 1/8 division.

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