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КРО-16-2 Support Distribution Box


КРО-16-2 Outdoor support distribution box is designed for FTTN network and is suitable in cottage private sector for overhead aerial communication lines.


КРО-16-2 is designed for connection up to 16 users with possibility to assemble up to 2 PLC splitters with 1/8 division or 1 1/16 splitter and is designed for support installation. In this case main cable can be laid with aerial approach (КС-ОКТ, КС-ОКТо-А/П cables), or underground approach (КС-ОКЛ cable). In some projects this box can be mounted to the wall. It is recommended to connect users by means of FTTH small-sized cables: КС-FTTHSC cable with strength member for support mounting and КС-FTTH cable for wall mounting.

Technical specifications

Box overall dimensions (HхWхD) – 350х300х145 mm (397x321x135mm with cable outputs and grounding bolt).
Bracket dimensions for cable winding (HхWхD) - 773x300x135mm.
Maximum SC/APC port number – 24(16 for users’ connection, 2 for input splitters connection and the rest – for customer’s request).
Protection sleeve set number - 24.
Number of cable input (for 32 mm diameter tube) – 2.
Maximum Splitter number – 1 – 1/16 or 2 – 1/8.
Total weight, kg – 22 .
Cable input number – 18 (physically: one oval input for 2 main line cables or 1 transit, 4 PG inputs for 4 users ‘cables each).
Metal thickness – 1,5mm.
Paint – polymeric coating, RAL 7035, shagreen, rough structure, glossy.
IP-55 protection class according to State Standard 14254-96.
Operating temperature: from -450С to +450С .
U category climate design 1 location according to State Standard 15150-69.


Constructively the product consists of a КРО-16-2 box and a bracket for main line cable storage. KPO-16-2 distribution box for support mounting is a metal welded box with 1,5mm metal thickness. There are 2 locks on the box door and a doorstop with 115° opening angle.

КРО-16-2 Box is designed for mounting on round or multisided supports with diameter about 200-260mm. That is why the box is completed with 4 clamps which are adjusted according to required length. There is a rotary panel, which is a universal two-sided cassette, in the center of the box. There are locating blocks for protections sleeves and organizers for spare fibers and pigtails storage on the interior side. On the front side there is a slat for up to 24 SC simplex connectors installation and an organizer for optic splitters assembling and for excess splitters output/input storage.

On the back wall of the box there are 2 reels for optical module storage and rings for users’ optical network laying out.

At the right bottom part there are 4 inputs for users’ optical cable. Each user’s input is provided with rubber gland, specified for 4 user’s cable input (from 2 to 4, 5 mm cable diameter). At the left bottom part of the box there is a cable input for the main line cable with diameter from 8 to 16 mm. This input is completed with 2 types of rubber glands. Main line optical cable transit is possible without transit modules cutting and welding.

Note: It is necessary to connect user’s cable without fiber welding on pigtails! It is recommended to use pre-terminated cable technology, connectors welding without pigtails or fast connector termination.

Ordering information

Outdoor support distribution box configuration is determined with the following references




КРО – Outdoor support distribution box
16- Maximum port number
А – Box model
B/C – connectors/polish
D/E – Number of user port/splitters input port number
F –pigtails number for main line cable welding
G – Number of protection sleeves
H/I – Splitters division/splitters number

Example of reference signs:




КРО-16-2 Box, 2 model, for 16 SC/APC ports, with 2 ports for splitter input connection, with 4 protection sleeves for welding and 2 1/8 splitters.

Support request

Support request