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КРЭ-24-1 Floor Distribution Box


КРЭ-24-1 Floor distribution box is designed for assembling on the floors in high–rise buildings. It provides up to 24 floor/floors users connection to optical provider’s network.


КРЭ-24-1 Box provides assembling of the following sets:
SPL 1/8- 1set and SPL 1/16-1set
SPL 1/8, pcs - 3
SPL 1/4 pcs - 6
SPL 1/2 pcs - 6

КРЭ -24-1 has 6 cable input for 32 diameter tube. КРЭ-24-1 Box provides possibility of main line cable/pigtail cable(up to 24 pigtails) welding.

The important peculiarity of this box is the possibility to mount it in invert position; doors can be moved from one side to another one.

Technical specifications

Box overall dimensions (HхWхD) – 250х250х90 mm.
Box is vandal protected. IP-43 protection class according to State Standard 14254-96.
Paint – polymeric coating, RAL 7035, shagreen, rough structure, glossy.
Metal thickness – 1,2 mm.
Operating temperature: from -100С to +400С.
U category climate design 3 location according to State Standard 15150-69.
Maintenance term of warranty – 1year.
Recommended number of input line cables – from 2 to 4 (maximum possible number of cables ОКГонг – up to 6).
Number of load-bearing elements mounting – 3.
Cable input number (for 32 mm diameter tube) – 6.
Splitters number – up to 6.

Design features


Back wall


There are 4 pressed out holes at the back wall of the box in order to fix the box to the wall by means of dowels. Holes bulge provides even mounting of КРЭ-24-1 box to uneven wall. Mounting dowels are included to the box set.

At the back wall near each input there is a mounting of optical cable jacket. Optical cable can be mounted by means of cable braces (included into box set) or for better security – by means of metal clamps( not included into box set). There are cable straps for vertical floor cable fixing and there are also optical cable strength member straps there. In the center of the back wall there is optical cassette for 24 protection sleeves assembling. Organizer for module stock laying (one module turn is 850-900mm) is placed under the optical cassette.


Drop-out panel


Drop-out panel is placed in the center of the box. In internal side of the panel there are elements for splitters usage, if any (set is installed by default):


  • A place for assembling duplex optical SC connector for 2 PLC splitters input connection;
  • T –shaped perforation for optical splitter fixing;
  • Cable organizers for splitter/patchcord fibers surplus laying out.

On the front side of the panel there is a plank for 12 double SC connectors (number of connectors is set on request). There is also a T-shaped perforation for cable clamps to fix user’s single-fiber flexible FTTH G.657A cable.


Cable inputs


There are 6 cable inputs in the box: 2 inputs which are placed symmetrically on the right at the top and at the bottom of the box, 2 inputs which are placed symmetrically on the left at the top and at the bottom of the box (if the box will be inverted), 2 inputs which are placed symmetrically on the left and on the right wall to input a tube from the flank.

All users’ inputs are closed beforehand with metal plugs to increase vandal protection. Metal plug is replaced with rubber plug during operation. Rubber plugs are included to the set (3 rubber plugs are included into the set, two of them are assembled).




КРЭ-06 Box’s door are locked by means of Eurolock type lock. On inner side of the door there is a sealing. Door can be fixed both on the left and on the right (manufacturer fixes the door on the left). On the front side of the door there is a sign made with indelible paint, depicting the logotype of the “Kazakhtelecom”company (there can be any sign on request).

Ordering information

Distribution box configuration, optical components availability are determined according to the following signs:




24-1 – model modification
А – optical port type
B – optical connector polish type
С – number of ports (up to 24)
D – number of ports for splitters input connection (up to 2)
E – pigtails number
F – pigtails number for splitters
G – number of protection sleeves (up to 24)
H – splitters division (2, 4, 8, 16)
I – splitters number


Example of reference for КРЭ-24-1 distribution floor box without splitters (splitters number and division are not indicated) with SC connector, APC polishing with total amount of 24 subscribers’ ports, 24 pigtails and 24 protection sleeves for welding.


КРЭ-24-1-SC/APC-24/0-24/0-24 Box

Support request

Support request