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Splitter unit chassis RP-SPL-M-3201


RP-SPL-M-3201 module splitter panel is designed for PLC optical splitters in 19IIform-factors (server cabinets, open 19II racks, ODF centralized optical cross and so on).


Modules with splitters 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 can be assembled into RP-SPL-M-3201 splitter panel.
At maximum loading with one splitter type the following can be placed into the panel:
Module with 1/2 splitter – 8 units;
Module with 1/4 splitter – 8 units;
Module with 1/8 splitter – 4 units;
Module with 1/16splitter – 2 units.
Module splitter is customized.
The following connectors are used: SC, LC, and FC.
The following polishing is used: UPC, APC (in majority case these are SC connectors with APC polishing).

Technical characteristics

Overall dimensions RP-SPL-M-3201 (WхHхD) – 443х42х185 mm.
IP-40 protection class.
Paint – polymeric coating RAL 9005 (black), shagreen, glossy.
Metal thickness – 0,7 mm.
Panel bottom is made of 2mmduraluminium.
Panel weight without splitters - 1,36 kg.


Splitter module overall dimension 4SC, 2SC - 51х42х175 (WхHхD), metal thickness 0,7mm, weight - 0,33kg

Splitter module overall dimension 8SC - 102х42х175 (WхHхD), metal thickness 0,7mm, weight - 0,54kg

Splitter module overall dimension 16SC - 206х42х175 (WхHхD), metal thickness 0,7mm, weight - 0,96kg

Ordering information

RP-SPL-M-3201 -AB/C/D splitter module panel
Reference sighs:
RP-SPL-M – 19''splitter module panel
32 – Total maximum capacity of all module splitters output;
А – splitting level: 2, 4, 8, 16;
B – Optical connectors’ type: SC; LC; FC;
C – Splitter connector polishing type (depends on connector color: blue – UPC polishing, green – APC polishing);
D – Modules total number;
If modules with different splitters divisions are used in one panel, splitters information is gives as the following: AB/C/D.

An example of reference signs: RP-SPL-M-3201splitter panel with 1 splitter 1/16, connector SC/APC, with 1 splitter 1/8 connectors SC/APC, with 2 splitters 1/2 connectors SC/APC:

RP-SPL-M-3201 -16SC/APC/1-8SC/APC/1-2SC/APC/2 splitter module panel

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Support request