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RP 14402 Patch panel


RP 14402 patch panel is a 4U 144 optical port modular form-factor designed for 19II frame installation the patch panel is designed for storage of optical cable joints with optical connectors and also for optical splitters storage.


Splitters with division of up to 1/32 can be placed in the panel (it is recommended to use 1/8 splitting for the first cascade at the station).

There are 12 modules (or 6 modules) in the panel. Each module provides 12 customized optical connectors: SC/LC/FC. When double modules are used, each module provides 24 connectors; it is possible to connect one module with one cassette with up to 24 optical fibers capacity.

Cassettes access is available at the panel’s back. For convenient maintenance and in order to make the panel compact, the back lid is folded and there are cassettes on it. Only optical cable modules are income into the cassette. Modules are placed into protecting streamer - shaped tube.

There are technological holes for fixing of incoming tubes with optical modules.

In the center of the panel there is a place for optical fibers fixing (up to 1/32 4 splitters) and a plank for 4 connectors SC to connect splitters inputs.

Technical characteristics

Total patch panel capacity - 144 optical ports, 6 cassettes 24 fibers each, 4 additional ports inside the panel for optical splitters incoming.

Overall dimension (HхWхD) – 178х483х285 mm, 4U.

Color – black (light, if customized).

Paint type –polymeric, RAL 9005 РЕ, moiré, mat, or RAL 7032.

RP 14402patch panel codifier


RP XY-ZU-A-B-C-D-E-F-G (H) patch panel, X – Maximum fibers capacity in the panel;
Y – Panel design;
Z – Panel height in U;
U – Sign of U;
A – Connector type (FC, SC, LC, ST);
B – Connectors number;
C – Pigtails fiber (SM – one mode, MM – multi mode);
D – Pigtail’s connector type and polishing (FC/SPC, SC/SPC, LC/SPC, ST/SPC);
E – Pigtail number;
F – Cassette availability/ cassette number;
G – Sleeves availability;
H – Multi mode fiber type.


Example of reference signs for patch panel with 144 fibers capacity, 4 U height, with 144 single mode SC connectors, 144 pigtails of SC/APC type, 6 cassettes with sleeves:


RP 14402-4U-SC-144-SM-SC/APC-144-К/6-Г patch panel

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