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FOSC A8 Fiber Optic Splice Closure


FOSC A8 Fiber Optic Splice Closure is designed for large amount of low capacity fiber optic cable distribution. It is mainly used in distribution sector of FTTH networks. According to project solution FOSC A8 Fiber Optic Splice Closure can be used in aerial laying: on support or on line, in the ground, in cable canalization, on buildings’ walls, for assembling in special cabinets.



Closure is produced in dome shape and has 9 cable ports, allowing using it as splitting or dead-ending device.

A closure’s base is made of high-strength plastic. Closure’s design has possibility of easy multiple accesses to cassettes; it is compatible with any types of fiber optic cables (one/two jackets, one/two strength elements, armoured and so on) and is also suitable for transit fiber laying.

Sealing of cables input is made by means of shrinkable non-armoured material with glue sublayer. The closure’s design allows fixing of the main strength element and peripheral strength elements of joined optic cables.

If armoured cables are input into the closure, it is possible to earth armoured cables via earthing pin and individual end earthing conductors (are included into the delivering set according to the order).

The closure has universal plastic tray to assemble up to 4 cassettes with 24 fibers each. If there is a necessity of optic modules large stock laying (both direct and transit) additional organizer/ cassette can be placed as an additional option for possibility of optical splitters assembling and their splitting via SC adapters. The closure’s base has an optional flash test valve.

Technical characteristics

Overall dimensions – 420х180 mm;
Maximum capacity – 96 welding (4 cassettes with 24 welding each);
Cable input maximum number – 9 (8 round for 5-10 mm diameter cable and 1 oval for 10-25 mm diameter cable);
Splitters maximum number – 2 units (with the following divisions 1/2, or 1/4, or 1/8); 1 unit (1/16 division). 
SC connectors’ maximum number – 18. 
Operation temperature – from -40°C to +70°C.
Atmospheric pressure – 70-150KPa.
Axial tension > 2000Н/1min. 
Tension resistance – 2500Н/10 cm2 (1min).
Insulation resistance – 2*104MΩ.
Fault voltage – 15KV/1min. 
Under water pressure – 50m/72h.
Optical fiber radius bends at laying in cassette ≥40mm. Low optical losses.


Packaging for welding without splitters usage




Closure set

1 unit


Closure bracket fastening (for support or wall mounting)

1 unit


Oval port sealing tube

1 unit


Round port sealing tube

8 unit


Oval port splitting insert

1 unit


Cable tightening device

12 unit


60 mm sleeve for welding

Up to 96units (depending on project)


Terminated earthing element with conductor

Up to 11 units (depending on project)


400mm length PVC 4mm tube

20 unit


Glue based foil 100mm х150mm

12 unit



3 unit


Optical cassette for 24 welding ( 2 rows, 12 in each)

Up to 4units (depending on project)


Metal cassette for optical modules stock laying

1 unit (optionally).


Closure packaging with splitters is made in accordance with individual order to meet customer’s requirements.

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