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3M optical closures BPEO
Муфты для волоконно-оптического кабеля. ВРЕО от 3М Муфты для волоконно-оптического кабеля. ВРЕО от 3М Муфты для волоконно-оптического кабеля. ВРЕО от 3М


Closures are designed for fiber cable protection while splicing and branching. Closures are assembled in telephonic canalization, outdoors and are suitable for underground laying. Closures sealing is made by means of rubber glands, which provide reusable closure access without any components changing.


BPEO I – organizer for 12 cassettes with capacity up to 144 welded connection or 72 mechanical ones. (Fibrlok™)
BPEO II - organizer for 24 cassettes with capacity up to 336 welded connection or 168 mechanical ones. (Fibrlok™)
BPEO III - organizer for 48 cassettes with capacity up to 576 welded connection or 288 mechanical ones. (Fibrlok™)

Technical design

3 dimension types:
BPEO I (LxWxT)....................349х204х92
BPEO II (LxWxT)....................487х320х149
BPEO III (LxWxT)...................628х320х149
IP68 protection class.
Compatibility with all types of networks and cables, possibility for connection up to 288 Fibers.
Compact design provides BPEO sleeves location in any even small space and narrow wells.
Possibility of wall-mounting.
Completely waterproof with body, resistant to UV radiation.
Handy access to internal space of the sleeve for assembling works.
Can be opened easily and safely with possibility of locking.
It is not necessary to use special assembling tools and sealing materials for reusable accessing.
Elastic gland provides safe sleeves sealing during reusable access of the whole period of operation.
Cables inputs are completely mechanically sealed.
It is possible to connect additional cables at any time without influence on existing cables’ operation.
Water resistance - 6 meters under water during a week.
Pressure resistance – 0, 5 atmospheres during 15 minutes.
Wide range of organizers for fibers organization inside sleeves.
Closures cavity construction is designed to protect cassettes from damages at sleeves opening.

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Support request