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МП -48 Entrance Enclosure


МП -48 optical enclosure is designed for assembling at optical cable distribution site. The main application is in FTTH networks, especially in distribution segments.

Design features

МП-48 enclosure is made of 1 mm thick metal. The enclosure consists of a body and a lid. Its door is locked with Eurolock type lock. The inner side of the door is covered with packing. It is possible to remove the door from the right to the left side. The door is fixed on the right on default by the producer.

The enclosure has 6 holes for 32 diameter tube inputs/outputs. Two holes are closed with metal plugs. The holes are provided with glands for tubes fixing and for moisture and dust protection. On the right side of the enclosure rear wall there are organizers for optical modules surplus laying out and two optical cassettes, each providing 24 connections (12 protection sleeves in two rows). On the left near each hole there are optical cable jackets fixing means. Optical cable may be fixed by means of cable clips, included into the set or by means of cable clamps, which are not included into the set. There are also elements for fixing optical fiber strength elements (aramid, etc.). On the side wall there is a grounding bar connected to the body’s grounding bolt. There are 4 pressed out holes at the back wall of the entrance enclosure in order to fix it to the wall by means of dowels. Holes bulge provides even mounting of the box to uneven wall. Mounting dowels are included to the enclosure set.

On the front side of the box on default there is a “Kazakhtelecom” Company logotype which is made by means of indelible paint. Any other title and logotype may be painted if customized.

Technical specifications

Overall dimensions (WхHxD) – 275,5х265,5х79.8 mm

Box is vandal protected. IP-43 protection class according to State Standard 14254-96

Paint – polymeric coating, RL 7035, shagreen, rough structure, glossy

Metal thickness – 1 mm

Operating temperature: from -100С to +450С

U category climate design 3 location according to State Standard 15150-69

Maintenance term of warranty – 1year

Input line cable recommended number – up to 6

Strength element fixing number – 6

Cable input number (32 mm diameter tube) – 6

Maximum capacity – 48 (2 cassettes with 12 protection sleeves in 2 rows)

Cassette number - 2

Support request

Support request