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KS-OKT / КС-ОКТ – self-bearing cable with taken out strength element

КС-ОКТ - кабель самонесущий с вынесенным силовым элементом

Optical Cable Description:

Optical fiber self-bearing cable with single mode or multi mode fiber. Cable construction has taken out strength element. Bearing element is glass fiber plastics or steel cord.


Optical fiber cables are designed to be installed in aerial routes, city illumination columns between buildings etc.

Construction of Optical cable:

The core of Optical cable consists of non-metallic power element FRP and external layer constituted of the method of correct single side stranding or SZ stranding. Outer layer consists of loose tubes and PE cords. Bearing strength element is placed in parallel to the Core of the Cable and enclosed in mutual PE jacket.

Application of closures for the cable:

Closure 2179 CS.

Main technical characteristics:

Quantity of optical fibers, pcs

Attenuation factor

Tensile load, кN

Temperature range, оС

Outer Ø, mm

Single mode 1550 nm

Multi mode 1310 nm






from 12,2


Weight: 1km of cable- 160 kg and above

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Support request