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KS-OKK / КС-ОКK – Dielectric Self-Supporting Cable with Aramid Varns

Optical Cable Description:

Entirely dielectric optical fiber cable self-supporting with single- mode or multi-mode fiber with strength element additionally armoured with high-modular aramid threads.


Optical fiber cable designed for suspension on support of air communication lines, electrified rail ways and power lines with up to 110kV voltage, inside buildings and in special Duroline tubes while keeping high requirements for stability to electromagnetic influences.

Construction of Optical cable:

Construction of the cable is entirely dielectric. Core of optical fiber cable has an FRP central strength member and outer layer, constituted of the method of correct single side stranding or SZ stranding. Outer layer consists of loose tubes and PE cords. There is an outer jacket made of regular or incombustible PE or plastic around outer layer. Protecting oversheath consists of a layer of aramid threads and an outer sheath made of PE or plastic. Adhesive materials are used in case if additional cohesion required between outer sheath and protecting power elements.

Application of closures for the cable:

Closure 2179 CS.

Main technical characteristics:

Quantity of optical fibers, pcs

Attenuation factor

Tensile load, кN

Temperature range, оС

Outer Ø, mm

Single mode1550 nm

Multi mode 1310 nm




up to 20


from 13,6


Weight: 1km of cable- 150 kg and above

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Support request