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KC-FTTH – last mile drop cable

According to DIN VDE 0888 designation: A/I-(ZN)H


КС-FTTН – fiber optical cable with G.657A2 fiber standard is designed for laying inside buildings, in tubes, on buildings walls in cable channels. 1 fiber white color cable is recommended for laying from Floor box to Customer’s connector and inside the customer’s apartment from customer’s connector to ONT modem. White color cable is suitable only for inside laying. Black color cables are recommended for building entrance inside laying. They are designed for inside and outside laying. Optical fiber cable with high flexible fiber in incombustible, halogen – free, low smoky LSZH coating. Optical single mode high flexible fiber is used in cable. Core diameter is 9-10 µm (Rec. ITU-T G.657A2). Cable strength element is made in the shape of round glass-fiber- plastic bar, aramid or glass fibers, impregnated with glue composition.

1. Optical fiber

2. Strength element (FRP)

3. LSZH coat RAL 9005 or RAL 9003

Catalog number

No. of fibers

Nominal Weight (kg/km)

Nominal Outer Diameter (mm)

Fibers per tube

No. of core elements







Technical characteristics

  • · Optical cables without armored cover;
  • · Maximum working temperature under a fixed installation from -50 °С to + 60 °С;
  • · Resistance to cyclic change of temperatures (at least two cycles) from - 50 °C to + 60 °C;
  • · Maximum relative humidity at 35 º C - up to 98%;
  • · Optical parameters of a fiber are presented in a Table 2;
  • · Outer cover is resistant to UV;
  • · Cable sheath color RAL 9005;
  • · Optical fiber – single-mode according to ITU-T Rec. G.657 A2;
  • · Optical fiber color coding according to TIA/EIA-598;
  • · Cable producing according to IEC 60794;
  • · Flame retardant according to IEC 60332-1-2
  • · Cables do not contain harmful and toxicant substances;
  • · The maximum tensile force – 150 N;
  • · The maximum crushing load – 0,4 kN/cm;
  • · The minimum bend radius of a cable — 10 mm;
  • · Cable factory length - 2 000 meters;
  • · Optical cable with halogen – free, low smoky LSZH coat RAL 9005;

Designation example for the order: A/I-(ZN)H-1x12-E9/125-0,22F3,5

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