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Terminal box rek-10KnTK-SL-M / rek-10КнТК-СЛ-М for outdoor installation and rek-10KvTK-SL-M / rek-10КвТК-СЛ-М for internal installation

for 3-core cables with saturated paper insulation for 6 and 10 kV voltage.

Technical performance of the terminal box

Terminal heat shrink boxes with PU compound are used for cables with aluminum or lead-coated saturated paper for 6 and 10 kV insulation. The terminal box kit includes: universal lugs with faltering head bolt of GPH Company; special tapes; heat shrink tubes and rain sheds; PU compound; kit for jacket grounding; PE heat shrink frame; manual for installation.

Structure of the terminal box

Cores of the cables with saturated paper saturated covered with oil-resisting heat shrink insulation tube with length of 800 mm. Alignment of the electric field at the cable termination point is made by a special tape cable with high dielectric conductivity, and sealing of cable termination points is made by heat shrink PE frame and PU compound. A number of heat-shrinking rain sheds resistant to environmental effects and leakage currents are installed on the cable cores. The space between lugs and the cores insulation is sealed with mastic and heat shrink tube with adhesive layer. Grounding wire with a lug attached to a metal jacked and armor by spring rings.

Cable type

AABG, ASBG, SBG, AABlU, ASBlU, SBN, AAShvU, AAShp, AAB2lShvU, ASB2lShvU,SB2lShv, SBlU, etc.

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