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Terminal box QT II 93-ЕВ 6х-1 for outdoor installation and QT II 92-EB 6x-1 for internal installation

for 1-core cables with insulation from vulcanized (cross linked) polyethylene for 6 and 10 kV voltage

Technical performance

QT II 92-EB 6x-1 and QT II 93-EB 6x-1 terminations are used with cold shrinkable tubes.

The termination kit includes:

  1. Special tapes;
  2. Anti-Tracking heat shrinkable tubes;
  3. Screen and armor connection kit with not brazed grounding system, which includes ground wire and spring rings;
  4. Installation manual.

Technological features

  • molded cold shrinkable rain shed with built-bodies (for the 93-EB 6x-1) and integrated refractive element for regulation of the electromagnetic field;
  • rain shed from HTV silicone rubber , resistant to leakage currents and weather factors;
  • compact design;
  • even radial pressure;
  • easy-installation by removing spiral cord;
  • wide range of applications;
  • cold shrink technology does not require using fire / heat and special tools, such as burners.
  • possible to install the terminations in the flammable areas;
  • large range of products;
  • submission of the test voltage right after installation.


QT II 92-EB 6x-1 iQT II 93-EB 6x-1 terminations are designed for 1-core cables with XLPE insulation, shielded cores with a copper wire screen*, which works under the voltage up to 6 / 10 (12) kV in accordance with VDE standards or similar.
Termination lugs are used in the terminations.
QT II93-6X EB-1 series termination boxes are designed for outdoor installation on voltage up to 6 / 10 (12) kV for indoor installation on voltage up to 12/20 kV.


The QT II 92-EB 6x-1 and QT II 93-EB 6x-1 type terminations correspond to ST TOO 41021646-14-2007 and meet the requirements of GOST 13781.0-86 (State Standard).


The kit includes all necessary materials for of 3-phases installation, except for lugs.

Cable type

For 1-core cables: APvEp-6/10, APvEgP-6/10, APvEgaP-6/10, PvEP-6/10, PvEgaP-6/10, PvEgP-6/10 etc. (made in Russia); N2XS2Y, N2XS2Y, NA2XS2Y, NA2XSY, N2XSEY, 2XSEY, A2XSEY and others (imported, TS and VDE standard).

Order arrange table for indoor installation

Nominal voltage, kV

Cross section mm2

Number of cores in the cable

Order name

Length of core termination, mm (L min)

Unarmored cables

Tape armor cables



6 и 10



QT II 93-EB 62-1

QT II 92-EB 62-1



6 и 10



QT II 93-EB 63-1

QT II 92-EB 63-1



6 и 10



QT II 93-EB 64-1

QT II 92-EB 64-1



* For information about terminations for cables with copper screen tape, please contact the "Kazcentrelectroprovod" company representatives.

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