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QT II 93-ЕВ 6х-3 Indoor/Outdoor Termination Kits

for 3-core cables with insulation from vulcanized (cross linked) polyethylene for 6 and 10 kV voltage

Technical performance

QT II 93-EB 6x-1 terminations are used together with cold shrinkable tubes.

The kit includes:

  1. Special tapes;
  2. Cold shrinkable tube;
  3. Set for grounding shield and armor;
  4. Installation manual.

Technological features

  • fully molded cold shrinkable rain shed with integrated refractive element of regulation of electromagnetic field and built-bodies (for the 93-EB 6x-1);
  • rain shed made from HTV silicone rubber , resistant to leakage currents and the weather factors;
  • compact design;
  • even radial contact pressure;
  • easy installation by removing the spiral cord;
  • wide range of applications;
  • Cold shrink technology does not require to use fire / heat and special tools, such as burners for shrinkage, It is possible to install the terminations in the flammable places;
  • large range of products;
  • Submission of the test voltage right after installation;
  • Possibility to install the termination in flammable areas.


QT II 93-EB 6x-3 termination is designed for 1-core cables with XLPE insulation, with shielded cores by a copper wire shield* working under the voltage up to 6 / 10 kV, in accordance with the standards of VDE and similar.

QT II 93-EB 6x-3 terminations are designed for outdoor application under the voltage up to 6 / 10 (12) kV and for indoor application under the voltage up to 12/20(24) kV.


Terminations QT II 93-EB 6x-1 are corresponding to ST TOO 41021646-14-2007 and meet the requirements of GOST 13781.0-86 (State Standard).


Termination lugs are used in the termination kit. The kit includes all necessary materials for 3 phases installation, except for lugs.

Cable type

For 3 core cables: APvEp-6/10, APvEgP-6/10, APvEgaP-6/10, PvEP-6/10, PvEgaP-6/10, PvEgP-6/10 and others (made in Russia); N2XS2Y, N2XS2Y, NA2XS2Y, NA2XSY, N2XSEY, 2XSEY, A2XSEY and others (imported, TS and VDE standard).

Order arrange table

Nominal voltage, kV

Cross section mm2

Number of cores in the cable

Order name

Length of core termination, mm

6 и 10



QT II 93-EB 61-3


6 и 10



QT II 93-EB 62-3


6 и 10



QT II 93-EB 63-3


6 и 10



QT II 93-EB 64-3


* For information about terminations for cables with strip copper shield, please contact Kazcentrelectroprovod company representatives.

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