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Joint sleeves eks-10STT-SL-M / eks-10СТТ-СЛ-М

for 3 lead cores cables with impregnated paper insulation for 6 and 10 kV voltage.

Technical performance

eks-10CТТ-SL-М joint shrinkable sleeve with plastic compound, used for cables with aluminum and lead (Pb) jacket, with impregnated paper insulation, for 6 and 10 kV voltage.

The joint sleeve set includes:

  1. Universal connectors from GPH company with stripping head of bolt;
  2. Special bands;
  3. Heat shrinkable tubes and breakouts with adhesive layer;
  4. Plastic compound;
  5. Set for jackets connection, with not-brazed grounding system, which includes grounding wire, spring rings and contact plate;
  6. Manual.

Sleeve design

Electric field strength around place of core joint point is equalized by special mastics with high dielectric conductivity and encapsulated with heat shrinkable tubes. Electric field strength at the edge of cable jacket is equalized by special tape with high dielectric conductivity. Space between cores and between cores and jacket is filled by plastic compound, which provides encapsulation of connecting cores and sealing of oil and colophony material, as well as required short circuit currency stress test indexes. External protection and encapsulation of the sleeve is provided by heat shrinkable tubes with adhesive layer. Joint sleeve protection from mechanical damages provided by thick-wall heat shrinkable cover.

Technical features

  • treating of space between cores in cable roots is not required;
  • supply with tested voltage right after installation;
  • acceptable difference between cable height is 25 m;
  • no need for special tools.


Joint sleeve eks-10SТТ-SL-М is tested according to GOST 13781.0-86 (State Standard).


Joint sleeves eks-10SТТ-SL-М is made according to SТ ТОО 41021646-26-2007 and meet requirements of GOST 13781.0-86 (State Standard).

Additional benefit

Filling place is always flexible and capable to be filled because of plastic compound.


Joint sleeve eks-10SТТ-SL-М is made to connect cables with aluminum or lead jacket, with impregnated paper insulation for 6 and 10 kV, used under ambient temperature from -50°С to +50°С, at relative humidity up to 80%, in cable construction or in ground.


According to the customer’s request joint sleeves can be sold without cartridges or with cartridges for oppressing, for copper and aluminum lead cores.

Cable type

ААBG, АSBG, SBG, ААBlU, АSBlU, SBN, ААShvU, ААshP, ААB2lshvU, АSB2lShvU, SB2lShv, SBlU etc.

Table for order

Nominal voltage, kV

Lead core cross section, mm2


Size, mm

Length, (L)

Diameter (D)

6 и 10





6 и 10





6 и 10





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Support request