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Counting add-on distribution frame SchURNu / ЩУРНу

SchURNu recording and distribution mounted panels are designed for assembling of panels for electricity supply recording and distribution.

Singe-phase or three–phase inductive or electronic meter is installed into SchURNu to record electricity supply readings.

SchURNu has a metal body with a door. Inside it there is a panel to fix an electricity supply meter, DIN-rack for modular equipment assembling and a zero-point bus. Conducting clamps of modular equipment and assembling wires are protected by means of removable false panel.

Door opening angle is 105о. A control window for electrical power consumption records can be placed on the door. When the door is closed, it can be sealed. There is a lock on the door for unauthorized access protection.

SchURNu is covered by means of polymeric rust-preventing coat. Cables incoming is managed through special holes at the bottom.

SchURNu is designed as a mounted (wall-mounted) device.

Technical parameters

Nominal voltage:


Nominal current:


Shock hazard class protection (according to State Standards R MEK 536-94)


Climatic design (according to State standards GOST 15150-69)


Protection degree (according to State Standards GOST 14254-96)



Reference signs:

SchURNu – panel model
3 – Electrical meter type (1-single-phase, 3-three-phase)
12 – Modular equipment number (1 modular is equal to width of standard unipolar switch automatic)
о – control window availability


Guarantee service time period - 12 months from the date of putting into operation subject to not greater than 12 months of pre-storage. Service time period is not less than 20 years.

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Support request