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Frames SchMPu / ЩМПу with mounting plate

Щиты с монтажной панелью ЩМПу


SchMPu panels with assembling board are designed for assembling different electrical panels: power, control, automatics and so on.

SchMPu is a metal body with a door. Removable assembling board is located inside the body. Modular or conventional electrotechnical items can be placed into SchMPu panel (automatic switches, starters). Standard set has only an assembling board.

Door opening angle is 105о and can be locked. IP54 model door has foamed polyurethane weather-strip. A control window for electrical power consumption records can be placed on the door. When the door is closed, it can be sealed. There is a lock on the door for unauthorized access protection.

SchMPu is covered by means of polymeric rust-preventing UV resistant coat. Cables incoming is managed through special holes at the bottom.

SchMPu is designed as a mounted (wall-mounted) device.





Technical parameters

Nominal voltage:


Nominal current:


Shock hazard class protection (according to State Standards R MEK 536-94)


Climatic design (according to State standards GOST 15150-69)

U1 and U3

Protection degree (according to State Standards GOST 14254-96)

IP31 и IP54


Reference signs:

SchMPu – panel model
05 – Body dimension
IP54 – protection degree


Guarantee service time period - 12 months from the date of putting into operation subject to not greater than 12 months of pre-storage. Service time period is not less than 20 years.

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Support request