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SchRUN, SchRUV / ЩРУН, ЩРУВ counting distribution frame

Counting-distribution frames are designed to manufacture electrical devices (counting distribution frames with modular equipment and counters), to protect networks from overload current and short circuit. Counting distribution frames can be used in industrial facilities, public, residential and administrative buildings.

Available in two performances:

  • Add-on (SchRUN series);
  • Built-in (SchRUV series).

Enables to add up to 48 modules, as well as one-or three-phase electricity counter (both induction and electronic types).
SchRUN frame series made with IP 31 protection degree, SchRUV with IP 30 protection degree.
Frames are equipped with removable mounting plate to fasten the counter, DIN racks to install modular switching equipment and a lock with two keys with same privacy degree. A large spread of the offered characteristics (dimensions, number of built-in modules, mounting plate for fastening single and three phase meters, etc.) allows collecting the equipment of the necessary configuration. The door has a glass panel for metering. Access to all conductive parts closed by blanking plate. There are holes to input the cable inside the distribution frames (SchRUN with 3 holes D26mm on bottom, SchRUV with holes on top and bottom). There is possibility to fasten buses «N» and ground the doors and frame. Covered with powder paint. Color - RAL 7032. Door opening angle - 120° degrees. Some models of distribution frames have opportunity to be sealed. Packed in high quality three-layer goffered-cardboard box.

Frames are made of sheet metal thickness of 1 mm.

The basic advantages

  1. Easy to install
  2. Wide assortment of standard sizes in a series
  3. Austrian covering powder
  4. New design of a product prevents access to conductive elements
  5. Set of marking stickers and grounding bolt
  6. High-quality steel
  7. The universal panel for all types of electricity
  8. Seal of a frame’s door and counter
  9. Conformity to all safety requirements.
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