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Building entrance shield Sh'P-2/3 / ЩП-2/3

The panel is designed for 3 any type single-phase electricity supply meters installation and for installation of up to 20 automatic switches on DIN-rack and equal number of electricity supply meters and batch switches.


Щит подъездный ЩП-2/3Щит подъездный ЩП-2/3


A) On the door of the compartment where equipment is placed there are control windows for electricity supply meters reading recordings;

B) Additional door for accessing to automatic batch switches;

C) Adjustment for fixing of any type of single-phase electricity supply meter, DIN-rack inside automatic switch and a panel for batch switches;

D) Adjustment for telephone equipment fixing;

E) Earthing bolt.


  • High rust-resistance;
  • High quality of external coating;
  • Control window for electricity supply meters reading recordings;
  • High manufacturability and assembling simplicity;
  • Assembling convenience of panel and electrical equipment in it;
  • Electrical safety high degree;
  • Aesthetics and design.


On panel’s body there are special adjustments for assembling into niches.

The doors are provided with locks.

Panel’s size and construction is suitable for old type construction buildings.

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