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Scotchlok Connectors Family

Scotchlok Connectors Family

Scotchlok Connectors

Scotchlok Connectors offer full wire range capability, increased port size to accomodate up to 2.08mm insulation sizes, double elements in all products, self-stripping insulation displacement contacts, and a solvent and moisture-resistant resistant plastic construction




UY2 Butt Connector

Size of UY2 Connector reduces the splicing bundle O.D. to a minimum. The wires joined can be of different wire gauges. Factory sealant seals out moisture.


UR2 Butt Connector

The UR2 Connector accepts two or three solid copper conductors that can be of different wire gauges for butt splicing. The connector is filled with a moisture resistant sealan.

UB2A Tap Connector

The UB2A Connector permits tapping directly onto an existing conductor without interrupting service.The UB2A Connector has a pre-crimp feature that gives the user a time-saving edge. By positioning the connector on conductor and pre-crimping, the conductor is pre-vented from slipping out of the connector before the crimp is completed.

211 Trim-Out Connector

The Scotchlok™ 211 Trim-Out Connector is a polypropylene, moisture-resistant, self-stripping insulation displacement contact device with a built-in cut-off blade and a test port. Wires are positioned in the connector from the sides, allowing the 211 Connector to be used as a maintenance connector for replacing problem connectors without interrupting service. The 211 Connector may also be used for standard two-wire butt type splicing operations.

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