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MIX / МИКС Inline Splicing Kits

for non-pressurised telecommunication cables with capacity up to 100 pairs


MIX Inline Splicing Kits are used on distribution cable lines, suitable as well as the indoor and outdoor, protected, and overhead applications, and provide reliable protection of cable splices.

Kit components

  1. Lockable PE closure.
  2. Cable holder.
  3. UY2 connectors.
  4. Al-PE shielding tape.
  5. 2900R mastic tape.
  6. 88Т tape.


MIX 10, 20, 30 Inline Splicing Kits are suitable for both splicing and branching cable lines. MIX 100 Inline Splicing Kit is only for straight splicing.


  • put closure parts onto cables;
  • preterminate cable according to instruction manual;
  • fix the cable by holder;
  • connect cable wires;
  • slide closure parts down to the splice;
  • seal joint between elements.


Mounted splice is ready for operation right after installation.


The kit is available in different configuration by customer's order.

Order example

20-pairs distribution wall-mounted external cable is to be spliced with screening. These requirements are met by MIX 20-1-p.


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