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OSL Splicing and Branching Kits

for up to 5-pairs non-pressurised distribution cable lines


Used for low-pair non-pressurised cable lines, and suitable as well as the indoor and outdoor, protected, direct buried and overhead applications.

OSL closure is one piece, tool-free, one-hand/one-operation, small size, mechanical, copper cable splice closure. Simply pressing the two shelves of the closure together by hand, closure locks and seals the splice. Design of the closure allows re-entries by simply unlatching locking mechanism.

Kit components

OSL Splicing/Branching Kit contains:

  1. Re-enterable OSL closure.
  2. UY2 connector.
  3. UR2 connector.
  4. P3F spacer tape.
  5. Scotchflex.
  6. Screening copper tape.
  7. Cable tie.
  8. Sealing gel.


  • put closure parts onto cables;
  • preterminate cable according to instruction manual;
  • fix the cable by holder;
  • connect cable wires;
  • shield the splice by the shielding copper tape;
  • press closure parts;
  • seal joint between elements.


Mounted splice is ready for operation right after installation.


The kit is available in different configuration by customer's order.

Order example

4-pair distribution cable installed in cable-duct is to be spliced with screening. These requirements are met by OSL 5-1-ep tape; 29.

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Support request