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CCK, BCCK Compression Closure Kits

for non-pressurised telecommunication cables with capacity from 10 up to 600 pairs


CCK Straight and BCCK Branching Compression Closure Kits are used on non-pressurised distribution cable lines with capacity up to 600 pairs, suitable as well as the protected and direct buried applications, for both filled and dry cables, and provide water resistance and mechanical protection of cable splices. Compound compression method forces the 8882 High Gel up the cable core to stop water ingress.

Kit components

  1. Lockable PE closure.
  2. Shield bond connectors.
  3. Shield conductor.
  4. Cable shield wire.
  5. UY2 connectors or MS2 modules.
  6. Р3Fspacer tape.
  7. Screening copper tape.
  8. 2900R mastic tape.
  9. Plastic bag, EZ vinyl tape.
  10. 8882 High Gel.
  11. 88Т tape.
  12. 2229 mastic tape.


BCCK Branching Kit is designed for three branches which can be extended by 4460-K Kit.


  • put closure parts onto cables;
  • preterminate cable according to instruction manual;
  • connect cable shield wires;
  • connect cable wires;
  • reconstruct wrapping insulation by P3F tape;
  • shield the splice by the shielding copper tape;
  • wrap the splice with plastic bag;
  • fill the splice by High Gel;
  • tightly wrap the splice with EZ tape;
  • slide closure parts down to the splice;
  • seal joint between elements with tapes 2229 and 88T tapes.


Mounted splice is ready for operation right after installation.


The kit is available in different configuration by customer's order.

Order example

30-pair distribution screened cable installed in cable duct are to be branched to three directions with screening. Cable wires should be connected by 10-pair modules. These requirements are met by BCCK 30(13/25)-S10-e.


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