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GNSK / ГНСК - Pressure Blocking Kits

for telecommunication cables with O.D. from 20 to 66 mm


GNSK Pressure Blocking Kits are used for blocking air-leakage from cable pot-head. The kits are designed for installation in cable vaults, risers and manholes on horizontally mounted trunk cables.

Kit components

  1. Shield bond connectors.
  2. Shield conductor.
  3. Spacer tape.
  4. Cable tie.
  5. 2900R mastic tape.
  6. Plastic bag.
  7. 50 tape.
  8. Compound.
  9. Polyurhethane Armorcast tape.


  • preterminate cable according to instruction manual;
  • connect cable shields;
  • remove strand fibers;
  • wrap working area with the plastic bag;
  • fill plastic bag with compound;
  • polyurhethane Armorcast tape.


Cable can be set under pressure in 24 hours after installation.

Order example

Gastight closure is to be installed on screened 100-pairs cable in cable manhole. Cable's O.D. is 24.9 mm. These requirements are met by GNSK 30.


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