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High reliability drop wire connectors MX 2000

MX 2000 dropwire connectors are used to build and upgrade overhead networks with a fully watertight connection technology. When considering the fact that the highest fault rates are measured in overhead networks, it´s indispensable to use a high reliable technology like MX 2000. MX 2000 is designed to operate under harshest environmental conditions. The user friendly design prevents any possible incorrect installations.This product is suitable for distribution, protection as well as customer termination in overhead lines.This new generation fits all existing networks and can accommodate all existing dropwire sizes, whatever the core conductor material is (copperweld, steel, bronze, copper cadmium). No specific tools are required to perform IDC termination, a simple screw driver eases the dropwire termination. Both sides of this connector can be re-terminated multiple times with different conductor sizes. A central disconnection area offers test facilities for both sides; multipair testing; disconnection and overvoltage protection. The overvoltage protected version is able to drain high currents up to 10kA.

The very flexible built-in protection allows to upgrade unprotected distribution points into protected ones. The unique MX 2000 design allows to snap this modules on both IEC 715 25mm and 35mm profiles. Earthing (10kA) is automatically completed through this mounting rail. The MX 2000 one pair module offers a very high flexibility compared to multipair systems.


  • Watertight encapsulated contacts
  • No specific termination tool needed
  • For 0,4 to 1,1 mm dropwire conductors (all kinds of materials)
  • Multiple re-terminations possible
  • Comprehensive product range
  • 10kA drain current capacity

Dropwire terminations

  • Screwdriver operated IDC
  • Steel, copperweld, copper cadmium, bronze drop-wires
  • From 0,4 to 1,1 mm conductor diameter copper wires

Cable termination

  • Tool free IDC
  • Solid copper conductors
  • From 0,4 to 0,8 mm conductor gauges
  • Overall insulation diameter: 1,8 mm max.
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Min. Order

MX 2000 disconnection module with protection facility
(delivered without protection arrester, please consult us)


MX 2000 P protection module equipped with 250 V surge arrester with fail-safe


Three-pole surge arrester for MX 2000 250 V with fail-safe


Three-pole surge arrester for MX 2000 350 V with fail-safe


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