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8882 High Gel


8882 gel is designed for sealing cable core splices in cables with polyethylene insulation, unfilled or filled with hydrophob, and it does not require cleaning up the cable from the hydrophobic filler.


Gel is a two- part compound, placed in two-chamber polyethylene pouches, separated from each other with a barrier. To use gel, it is necessary to separate these two parts by breaking barrier with the help of fingers without breakage the package. Then both components should be mixed thoroughly as stated on the package.

Gel fully meets our climatic conditions application and, in case of necessity it can be easily removed from assembly place. Application is quick and easy, since gel accepts forced-compound techniques as well as gravity –fill. Gel also provides better penetration of splices bundles at low temperatures due to its lower viscosity and longer gel time. Due to its hydrolytic stability gel stays firm at high temperatures.


Gel time:

96 min. at 4° С

63 min. at 24°С

30 min. at 43°С

Gel is compatible with polycarbonates, copper and fillers.

Volumetric expansion: <1,0%

Application temperature: >0°C

Shelf life: 2 years.

Storage conditions: keep indoors, away from sunlight and moisture at temperature not less than +50°С.

Gel is not formulated with isocyanates.

Packaging and Volume

Two-part compound gel is supplied in Unipak Guard Bag.


Packaging quality:

  • Mechanical strength
  • Required proportion
  • Possibility of package choice
  • Environmental safety
  • Personnel safety


Volume supplied:

8882 -A 90ml, Guard Bag

8882 –E 292ml, Guard Bag

8882 -C Gel 385ml, Guard Bag

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Support request