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Scotchcast 40G two component polyurethane resin

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Scotchcast 40G is designed for mechanical protection and electrical insulation of low voltage electrical joints installed for indoor and outdoor, underground and submerged applications.

Scotchcast 40G characteristics

Two component polyurethane compound 3M Scotchcast 40G is non-filled resin for room temperature curing. Scotchcast 40G resin is classified as LIW (low voltage insulation water curable) according to Cenelec HD 631.1 S2 Standard. Once cured, the resin provides impact resistance and durability against moisture and atmospheric corrosion.


Scotchcast 40G features:

  • Good adhesion to metals and plastics;
  • Hydrophobic behavior during curing stage;
  • Excellent hydrolytic stability;
  • Available with Closed Mix and Pour Delivery System;
  • Low exoteric reaction temperature.
  • Process figures

    Mixing Ratio (pbw) A : B 100 : 42
    Pot life (when mixed) At 5°C 39 min
    At 23°C 20 min
    At 40°C 11 min

    Scotchcast 40G Usage information:

    The resin is shipped in two-chamber plastic pouches with peelable barrier in the correct stoichiometric propotion. This type of packaging assures the correct mixing ratio for resin applying.

    The packaging includes a Closed Mix and Pour Delivery System. The integrated pouring spout is opened while attaching the mixed resin bag to the housing of the joint or by using the supplied opener.

    Additional usage information, concerning gel time, storage, viscosity, density and so on is given in the table below:

    Scotchcast 40G typical properties



    Part А


    1,07 g/cm3

    Viscosity at 23°C

    1700 mPa·с

    Part B


    1,23 g/cm3

    Viscosity at 23°C

    210 mPa·с

    Part A & B (mixed)


    1,16 g/cm3

    Viscosity at 5°C

    4600 mPa·с

    Viscosity at 23°C

    900 mPa ·с

    Hydrophobic behavior

    ≤ 10 ml

    Volume shrinkage


    Part A & B (cured*)

    Mechanical properties:

    Hardness Shore D


    Tensile strength

    15 MPa

    Elongation at break


    Impact strength (without hotch)

    No breakdown

    Electrical properties:

    Volume resistivity at 23°C

    1,35E+15 Оhm·сm

    Volume resistivity at 80°C

    1,26E+13 Оhm · сm

    Dielectric strength

    24 kV/mm

    Dissipation factor at 23°C


    Dissipation factor at 80°C


    Dielectric constant at 23°C


    Dielectric constant at 80°C


    Electrical properties after dry aging:

    Volume resistivity at 23°C

    >1,0E+14 Ohm·сm

    Dielectric strength at 23°C

    30 kV/mm

    Dielectric constant at 23°C


    Electrical properties after wet aging:

    Volume resistivity at 23°C

    >1,0E+14  Ohm·сm

    Dielectric strength at 23°C

    24 kV/mm

    Dielectric constant at 23°C



    *curing and aging cycles according to Cenelec HD631.1 S2


    Shipping information:

    1. Scotchcast 40G, 225g.
    2. Scotchcast 40G, 420g.
    3. Scotchcast 40G, 797g.
    4. Scotchcast 40G, 1566g.


    Scotchcast 40G storage:

    Product has a shelf life of at least 36 months when stored between 15°C and 35°C with humidity level <75% in the original sealed bag. The expiration date of each product appears on the product label. Storage beyond the date specified on the label does not necessary mean that the product is no longer usable. In this case, however, it is responsibility of the user to determine applicability of the product.
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