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U1B Inline Connector


High reliability drop wire connectors DСM


High reliability drop wire connectors MX 2000


UDW2 Inline connector


Scotchlok Connectors Family


CCK 1x4 Compression Closure Kits


8983-С Splicing Closure Kit and 8983-В-07 Pressure Blocking Kit


GNSK / ГНСК - Pressure Blocking Kits


Vault and Riser Pressure Blocking Kits GNS, GNS (for mines) / ГНС, ГНС (шахтный)


MS and MR / МС, МР Splicing and Branching Kits


MIX / МИКС Inline Splicing Kits


CCK(arm), BCCK(arm) Compression Splicing Kits


OSL Splicing and Branching Kits


MMKR, MMKR(g) / ММКР, ММКР(г) Y-splices


MMKS / ММКС Inline Splicing Kit


CCK, BCCK Compression Closure Kits


3M Electrical tapes


3M™ Armorcast Sheath Repaired Structural and Strengthening Material


8882 High Gel


Scotchcast 40G two component polyurethane resin

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Support request