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KC-MX, KC-MK Dropwire Outdoor Distribution Box

Кабельный ящик

KC-MX and KC-MK are low-capacity distribution and protection cable box and are assigned for transfer cable from underground distribution lines to overhead subscriber lines.


KC-MX cable box is suitable for MX 2000P connectors, KC-MK is suitable for DCM connectors.

The boxes are available in two sizetypes:

  • KC-MX 10 and KC-MK 10 - for 10 connectors;
  • KC-MX 20 and KC-MK 20 - for 20 connectors.


  • case is made of stainless steel and coated with polymeric dyes;
  • cover is swivelling upside for comfortable service works;
  • screw lock;
  • rubber cut-off cable entries;
  • MX and DCM connection modules are suitable for test craftworks and for installation protection plugs.

Overall dimensions:

KC-MX 10 and KC-MK 10 - 193х204х145;
KC-MX 20 and KC-MK 20 - 293х204х145.

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Support request