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P-274, P-274PP / П-274, П-274ПП - PE insulated field communication wires

Technical Specifications

  • PE insulated field communication wires in accordance with ST TOO (Company Standard)  143-1930-10-16-09-2012;
  • ultimate operating temperature from -50°С to +65°С and degree of air humidity is up to 98% at temperature of +35°С;
  • resistance of wire core for a length of 1km at temperature +20°С – not more than 65 Ohm;
  • resistance of wire insulation at 1km length – not less than 1000 MOhm;
  • testing AC potential of a wire, frequency 50 Hz – 2000V;
  • breaking strength of an insulated electric conductor – not less than 392N (40 kgs).

P-274 Wire Structure

  • electric conductor consist of 3 tinned steel wires with diameter of 0.3mm in accordance with TU 14-4-1457 and 4 copper wires in accordance with TU 3518 PK 4043838373;
  • light-stabilized PE insulation in accordance with TU 6-11-00203335-97-95;
  • wire insulation color - black;
  • two electric conductors twisted in a pair.

P-274PP Wire Structure

  • the same as P-274, with two-layer insulation of wires. Inner layer of insulation is made of high-density PE. External layer of insulation is made of light-stabilized LDPE.

P-274, P-274PP Wire Application

The wires are used for permanent and temporary connecting with a laying in soil, on the ground, hanged on poles as well as for short-term laying through water.

Order arrange table


External wire diameter, not more than, mm

Estimated weight of 1km wire, kg

Factory length, not less than, m









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