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F/UTP 4х2хAWG24/1 PVC Сat. 5e (6) - twisted pairs cables for structured cabling systems

According to ISO/IES 11801 designationF/UTP 4х2хAWG24/1 PVC Сat. 5e (6)

FTP cable application

FTP cable is designed for laying inside of buildings, stations, constructions, in equipment, and used in structured cabling systems, with frequency up to 155 MHz (250MHz for Category 6, 500MHz for Category 6a). Shielded Twisted Pair is a data carrier, usually used in mediums with high level of electromagnetic noises. 4-core FTP cables of Category 5е or 6 are recommended for using in horizontal sectors of cabling systems (connection of customers’ sockets with intermediate distributing points or additional distributing points). Data channel on a base of FTP elements is a universal data carrier and capable to communicate all data types as voice data, Token Ring and 10Base -T Ethernet, 100 and 1000 Base-T Ethernet, ATM 155 Mbit/s, АТМ 622 Mbit/s, 1 Gigabit ATM and others. Cable external jacket can be made of UV-resistance PE for outdoor installation (FTP 4х2хAWG24/1 PE Сat. 5e);


Technical characteristics of FTP cable

  • FTP symmetric cables for digital communication systems in accordance with ANSI/TIA/EIA 568-В.2 and ISO/IEC 11801;
  • ultimate operating temperature FTP cable in fixed (immovable) condition is from - 20ºС to +60ºС and degree of air humidity is up to 98% at temperature of +35°С;
  • electric specifications of FTP cable are indicated in the Table 3;
  • UTP cable is delivered in 305m, 500m and 1000m coils;
  • minimal laying radius – ca. 6 cable Ø;
  • minimal service life of UTP cable – ca. 10 years.

FTP cable structure

1 – rip cord; 2 – conductor; 3 – insulation; 4 – PET tape; 5 – ALPET shield; 6 - jacket - self-extinguishing PVC compound.

  • copper conductors of FTP cable equal to AWG24 diameter;
  • PE insulation conductor external Ø ca. 0,9 mm;
  • eccentricity of insulated cable cord, ca. - 2%;
  • insulated core elongation at break - 22±6 %;
  • FTP cable marking:
    white-blue/ blue;
    white-orange/ orange;
  • insulated cable cores twisted in pairs, the pairs are twisted in cable core around synthetic cord (insulated cords are twisted in pairs, the pairs twisted around a cross - Category 6, Category 6a);
  • a twisted cross is insulated by PE and cable shield of aluminum polyethylene terephtalate tape with a ground wire;
  • shielded cross of a cable is insulated by self-extinguishing PVC compound;
  • cable external diameter, ca.: Cat. 5e – 6,4 mm, Cat. 6, Cat. 6a – 7,0 mm;
  • cable weight, ca. - 48,0 kg/km;
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