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TAShSK / ТАШСК –Telephone communication mine cables


ТSV / ТСВ - Station telephone cable


MKPPTs, MKPPTsZ, MKPPTsT, MKPPTsZT - Plastic-insulated cables with few pairs in plastic tube for broadband customer access


TPPep, TPPepZ, TPPTs, TPPZTs / ТППэп, ТППэпЗ, ТППЦ, ТППЗЦ – City telephone cables


TPPShv / ТППШв – Communication telephone cables


KRVPM - distributing few - pairs cables


PRPPM, PRPPMS / ПРППМ, ПРППМС - communication and radio fixation single pair cables


PKSV / ПКСВ - Cross station wires with PVC elastron insulation


TRP, TRV / ТРП, ТРВ - Distributing single-pair telephone wires


KVSM, KVSMep - high-frequency symmetrical small-sized cables


PTPGh, PTVGh / ПТПЖ, ПТВЖ - transmission cables with plastic insulation


ShTLM / ШТЛМ - linear phone cord

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