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Mast signal head КСМС-RWD


Signal heads (KСMС-RWD) are designed for any railway road applications and serve to provide road safety and proper organization of train and shunting operation.


Signal head (KСMС-RWD) is a steel welded construction. LED-RWD modules with 189±1mm diameter are installed into heads (KСМС-RWD). Accessory assembling is made in accordance with assembly drawing, specified in standard terms designed for signal heads on metal and ferroconcrete masts. Assembly is made by means of cantilevers КСМ-В-RWD and КСМ-Н-RWD, used for metal or ferroconcrete masts. It is also compatible with the following standard cantilevers, used for cast iron signal heads fastening:
For metal mast – upper drawing (6181-00-00) and lower drawing (6182-00-00);
For ferroconcrete mast – upper drawing (14110-00-00М) and lower drawing (14111-00-00М).
Supplying set consists of LED-RWD*modules, background screen and screens.

Background screen is made of sheet metal as whole unit to increase construction hardness and make it stable to wind loading. Background screens and screen are installed at assembling site. Screens are fastened to the head’s body, making it more stable to wind loading.

Тechnical version


Number of modules installed, not more than

One-unit mast signal head КСМС-1-RWD


Two-unit mast signal head КСМС-2-RWD


Three – unit mast signal head КСМС-3-RWD

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Support request