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Connecting couplings eks-1SLH-V-M / eks-1СЛХ-В-М

for 3 and 4-core cable with polyethylene or PVC insulation for up to 1 kV voltage

Technical performance of the couplings

Eks-1SLH-V-M is a cold shrink tube connecting coupling.

The kit of coupling includes:

  1. universal tear-off head connectors from GPH Company;
  2. insulating and mastic tapes;
  3. Cold shrinkage tube;
  4. Installation manual.

Structure of the couplings

Cores splice point of the couplings is insulated with a rubber tape, and the termination point of cable is covered with mastic tape. To restore cable sheath, rubber cold shrinkage tube pulled on to joined insulated cores of cable, which is on factory conditions pulled on the serpentine plastic cord. As plastic cord is pulled out, instant shrinkage of rubber tube on the surface of the cable happens, providing durable sealing.

Application of the couplings

Couplings eks-1SLH-V-M are designed to connect cables with plastic sheath and PU or PVC insulation for voltage up to 1 kV, operated by: at ambient temperatures from -50 ° C to +50 ° C, with relative humidity up to 80%; in cable systems or in the ground.


According to the customer request, sets of couplings without cartridges or with cartridges for crimping copper or aluminum cores are also supplied.

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