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Cable trays


Cable trays LL ladder type are designed for putting wires and cables while cabling and making wiring works.

Construction features

The range of cable trays consist of ready-assembled elements which provide efficient ways to build a cable line. Ladder cable trays LL type are constructed on the base of C-shape side profiles and 10 perforated C-shape crosspieces which increases their carrying capacity, creates bigger space area with stacked cable, it allows to make comfortable cable fastening with plastic brace and bracing wires through perforation. Perforation in side profiles allow to fix the tray on different brackets and suspensions.

All conjunctions are made with standard screw thread fasteners. Trays have corrosion resistant polymer coating. Allowable loads for the straight sections at a distance between the supports 2.5m is up to 500 kg.

Type of climatic performance UZ as per GOST 15150-69 (State Standard).


Length, mm

Width, mm

Max height, mm

Tray LL 400 х 2500




Tray LL 500 х 500




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Support request