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Fastener for terminal mast sleeves for wooden supports

Technical design

Set consists of:

  1. Fastening clamps for support mounting;
  2. Bracket;
  3. Cramp for fastener assembly;
  4. Fastener ach;
  5. Clamp pad;
  6. Screws;
  7. Clamp crew nuts;
  8. Assembly instructions.

Fastener design

Bracket is fixed by means of fastening clamps, which are mounted on the support with the help of screws. 2 pads are placed on sleeve’s root. One of the pads has 2 limiting lugs.


Fastener is used for terminal mast sleeve, mounted on wooden supports. Limiting lugs don’t let sleeve shift under external factors influences (wind, temperature).

Clamp is placed between limiting lugs. Screw parts of a clamp are inserted into brackets holes, tightened with fastener arch and fixed by means of screw nuts. Terminal connects sleeve earthing wire with earthing, spreading along the support.


Mast sleeve fastening is carried out in accordance with assembly instructions.

No special tools are required.

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Support request