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Drop-SC/PC/FC Fast Connector


Fast connectors are designed for assembling on 2x3mm subscribers’ optical cable; they do not require polishing, and are assembled without special

polishing tools. Picture 1.illustrates fast connector appearance. Connector is supplied with special holder (Picture 2.) of subscribers’ optical cable,

which allows cleaning and optical fiber splicing without ruler measuring.


Picture 1.


Picture 2.


Non-polishing SC/APC type optical connector provides fast and convenient assembly on optical cables with permissible small bending radius fibers in accordance with G.657 МСЭ-Т Recommendations:
- single mode 2x3 mm FTTH subscribers’ cable.
Assembly of connectors with flat splice inside connecting elements is carried out by means of optical fiber flat cleaver; return loss (flat splice) will be ≤55 dB.

Technical specifications

Non-polishing connector consists of manufacturer polished ferrule, integrated mechanical connector and termination point, allowing cable’s jacket fixation.


Cable diameter

2x3 mm subscribers’ cable

Optical fiber type

Optical fiber in accordance with G.657 МСЭ-Т Recommendations, with permissible 15 mm bending radius or less

Working wavelength

1310 nm, 1490 nm, 1550nm, 1625 nm

Insertion loss (SC type standard optical connector)

< 0,3 dB standard value

Return loss (flat splice)

Standard value – 55 dB. < -35 dB for temperatures range from -40 °C up to75 °C

Connection durability after 100 reinstallations

 < 0,2 dB change

Operating temperatures range

from-40 °C up to 75 °C

Cable tension effort  (operating value)

Optical loss increase < 0,2 dB at 2,5 kg load

100-fold cable bend for ± 90°,  0,9 кg/f effort

Optical loss increase  < 0,2 dB

8-fold impact,  4 m distance

Optical loss increase  < 0,2 dB


9,3x9,3 x 57,5 mm

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