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FTTHSC Cable Cantilever


FTTHSC cable cantilever is designed for suspension of subscribers’ DROP KC-FTTHSC cable at developing FTTH private sector network.


Cable cantilever provides for only strength member, made of steel wire in FTTH SC cable. Cable itself is separated from the wire and goes after cantilever to switching point without strength member. Cantilever is fixed to the pole/wall by means of standard brackets (hooks). Two cantilevers, located in opposite direction, are used at cable suspension on transit poles. In this case cable is separated from strength member, but wire itself is not cut. See the picture with the example below.

Technical specifications

Dimensions (HхWхD) – 16х27х135 mm
Weight – 30 g 
Maximum short-term (dynamic) tension – not greater 600N.
Maximum constant (static) tension – not greater 300N.


Ordering information

Cable cantilever does not provide for any accessories specified in description and that is why while ordering it is necessary to state it as FTTH SC cable cantilever.

Support request

Support request