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АС7 500 Anchoring Clamp


These anchoring clamps allow an easy and quick installation of figure-8 cables with all aluminium alloy (AAA) or dielectric messengers (Kevlar, FRP) by gripping directly onto the HDPE or MDPE messenger outer sheath.


These anchoring clamps are made of one opened conical body, a pair of tapered thermoplastic jaws and a flexible bail. All parts are secured together to prevent any loss of parts.


Messenger diameter over insulation  - 4-7 mm
Minimum tensile load  - 45 kg-f
Maximum tensile load - 750 kg-f
Bail length  - 500 mm
Weight - 0,17 kg



Ordering information

Anchoring clamp does not provide for any accessories specified in description and that is why while ordering it is necessary to state it as AC7 500 Anchoring clamp.
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Support request