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LSA-PLUS System Modules

LSA-PLUS System Modules


The LSA-PLUS System, with the LSA-PLUS Contact as its smallest functional element is used for connection, line splitting, switching and earthing of connections in telecommunication and data networks.

Especially noteworthy is the contact security without worrying about climatic and other environmental problems. Technical contact security results in the formation of a gas-tight connection with very low transmission resistance. Connection is made through the special LSA-PLUS Insertion Tool, which means the quality of the connection is always repeatable.

A large range of accessories, e.g. over voltage protection, marking and test equipment ensures that the LSA-PLUS Modules can fulfill all the requirements of a modern cable network.


The plastic insulated copper wire or jumper is inserted into the contact slot between the 45°to the wire access arranged contact tags with the LSA PLUS Insertion Tool. Through this action, the contact tags twist in an axial movement and at the same time cut through the insulation of the wire and push the insulation material to both sides of the contact.

Through material displacement and the subsequent torsional and restoring forces of the contact tags, two permanent gas-tight surface areas are formed. This connection prevents any undo movement in the contact area. For additional protection of the contact area, plastic clamping ribs are provided above and below the connection area, between which the insulation of the wire is firmly gripped thus preventing any movement of the wire in the contact area.

In the same connection process, the LSA-PLUS Insertion Tool cuts the wire and insulation to the correct length. If the joint should need to be re-terminated, the LSA PLUS Insertion Tool has a swing-out hook, which is used to remove the wire from the contact.

LSA-PLUS Series 2

Connection, Disconnection and Switching Modules for 8 or 10 pairs:

  • for fitting on Back Mount Frames of varying capacity (standard-program);
  • for fitting on round profile rods as LSA-PROFIL;
  • for mounting on Printed Circuit Boards by the use of soldering pins.

Connectable Wiring

Plastic insulated copper wiring with solid or stranded conductors

a) solid wires
Conductor diameter 0,32...0,90 mm
External diameter 0,70...1,60 mm
AWG 26...20

b) stranded wires
Conductor diameter 7 x 0,12...0,32 mm
External diameter 0,70...1,60 mm
AWG 26...20

LSA-PLUS cable connecting equipment

Distribution housings for internal and external use or distribution, that with additional fittings may be used to connect LSA-PLUS Quick Connection System or already equipped with the necessary mounting components.

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