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Accessories for SID modules
SID-standard insertion tool for connection of wires; insertion guiding, integral pulling hook

Overvoltage protection magazine for 2-pole surge arrester shape H (6 x 8) for insertion in 8/10 pair SID-C/SID CT


Overvoltage protection magazine for 3-pole surge arrester for insertion in 8/10 pair SID modules. Dimensions (L x W x D): 98 x 17,3 x 31,5 mm incl. cover


SID-SPP B3 230 V/GS. 1-pair overvoltage and current protection plug, with integrated fail safe.


SID-SPP earthing rails

SID-C Dust cover

Disconnection plug for 1 pair

Disconnection plug for 5 pair


Dummy plug for 1 pair
Label holder

Test x, 4-polescord, fle

Patch cord, 4-poles


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Support request