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Faceplate 8686


8686 termination box is a wall mount hybrid box for customer premises (apartments, offices, cottages). It provides subscribers access to provider’s optical network. The 8686 may be used instead of the current telecommunications outlets.


The 8686 is a plastic box of 86х86 mm format for 2 SC simplex or LC duplex couplings and one RJ45 copper jack. .

Technical characteristics

Dimensions (HхWхD) – 86х86х33 mm
Color - white
SC connectors number – 4
Possibility of RJ45 copper jack installation
Material - plastic
Flexible optical installation – both splicing to pigtails or field mountable connectors 3M NPC type or equivalent may be used. The box contains two holders for 3M Fibrlok mechanical splices or heat shrink fusion splice protectors. It has 6 slots for incoming cable and 1 additional opening in the center for cable entry through an underwall box.
Incoming optic type – 2-3 mm diameter patchcord, 2x3 mm flexible DROP FTTH cable, fibers are in 900 µm jacket.

Constructive peculiarities

It is possible to install 4 NPC/SC connectors or 2 pigtails with SC connectors by means of heat shrink fusion or Fibrlok™ 2529 or Fibrlok™ 2540Gmechanical splice.

The 8686 termination box is also may be used for optical cable with 3 mm jacket diameter for cabling in premises.

There is a special organizer inside the termination box subscribers’ fiber excess laying. There are slots for cable entry at the bottom and on rear and side walls of the outlet. It provides entering both inside and outside cable from the rear side and from the side. Cable enters the outlet from the wall or from one of three sides, which have no connectors.

8686 is wall mounted by means of 2 screws or directly on 60 mm underwall box.

The 8686 fine and ergonomic design matches any interior.

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8686 FTTH wall outlet

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